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What are the active ingredients in the WOW Hair Revitalizer and what do they do?

WOW’s Hair Revitalizer contains pure Himalayan spring water, infused with all-natural botanicals to improve your hair health.

Biotin - Essential vitamin to fortify strands, visibly improve hair texture, and volumize.

Safflower Extract - Soothes, nourishes, and strengthens strands.

Amla Extract - Rich in Vitamin C to nourish, volumize, and visibly plump strands.

Horse Chestnut Extract - Rich is essential vitamins to detox and restore hair's natural shine and strength.

Rosemary Essential Oil has high anti-inflammatory properties that nourish hair follicles to soothe scalp irritation.

Tea Tree Essential Oil has antibacterial properties that fight dandruff-causing bacteria.

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