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What are the active ingredients in the WOW Hair Revitalizer and what do they do?

WOW’s Hair Revitalizer contains pure Himalayan spring water, infused with all-natural botanicals to improve your hair health. Biotin - Essential vitamin to fortify strands, visibly improve hair texture, and volumize. Safflower Extract - Soothes, nour

How do I use the WOW Hair Revitalizer?

Follow these simple steps to get the best results from your WOW Hair Revitalizer:Apply a few sprays throughout the length of your hair.Gently massage the product into the scalp and length of your hair.Leave it in all day for results that only get bet

How can the WOW Hair Revitalizer help my hair?

WOW Hair Revitalizer delivers ten amazing benefits to your hair:Fight FrizzStrengthen StrandsBoost Silky ShineReplenish MoistureVolumizeSoothe IrritationSeal Split EndsControl Excess OilVisibly Improve TextureDetangle

Is the WOW Hair Revitalizer a spray or oil?

WOW’s Hair Revitalizer is a spray treatment formulated to revive hair, while also adding shine and strength.