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Questions about face serums


What are the active ingredients in the Hyaluronic Acid Water Gel and what do they do?

If you have dry, patchy skin, our Hyaluronic Acid Water Gel is the product for you! Plant-powered by hyaluronic acid to help retain moisture and soothe irritation for plump and supple skin. Featuring an airless jar for optimal product purity, just pr

What are the active ingredients in the Vitamin C Serum and what do they do?

If you're looking for a brightening booster and anti-aging treatment to add to your skincare routine, try WOW Vitamin C Face Serum! Just a few drops will tone, soothe, hydrate, and brighten in one step!Active Ingredients: Packed with 20% potent Vitam

How do I use a WOW face serum?

Face serums are the best way to treat your skin concerns, which can change depending on the season, your diet and stress levels, sun exposure, and more. As with any skincare routine, it's best to apply from the lightest -> heaviest product, giving ti

Which WOW face serum is best for me?

Serums are incredible treatments to combat a variety of skin concerns. These potent potions can used to spot treat certain areas (like blemishes or patches of dryness), or use all over the face for an all over glow.Here's a quick guide, stay tuned fo