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Answers to questions about WOW's body scrubs


What are the active ingredients in the Ubtan Face and Body Scrub and what do they do?

Get glowing with WOW Ubtan Face + Body Mask! Featuring the Ayurvedic secret of ubtan - a mix of natural botanicals to revive glow from the inside out. Treat skin to anti-aging goodness that tones, smooths, and hydrates for a youthful glow in just 15

How do I use WOW's Ubtan Face & Body Scrub?

Our Ubtan Face & Body Scrub is easy to use! We recommend using it in the shower for easy clean-up. Here's how: Apply the scrub to your damp body and face in a smooth layer. Start from your legs and move upwards to your torso, shoulders, back, and fac

How often can I use WOW's Ubtan Face & Body Scrub?

Seeing your dead skin cells scrub off is super satisfying! Less is more, so depending on your skin type, we recommend sticking to exfoliating twice a week, and only once a week for sensitive skin.